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Here’s a great Gatsby wax review from an Amazon customer J Frasier:

FIRST OF ALL, for all those thinking is this really going to work differently than other products I can get, it really does work. I have used many products(expensive gels, axe spiky hair care wax, got2bglued, expensive hairsprays) and I have to be honest and say that none of them compare to what Moving Rubber has done.
If you want a more asian hairstyle, this product will do the trick for you. Is it possible to have the asian hairstyle using other products? Yes you can but this stuff is much more effective. It does not make your hair get hard or anything and doesn’t make it have a shiny effect like gel does.(Although the other Gatsby’s have more shine to them, e.g. Nuance Motion, Air Rise, etc.) This lets you do pretty much anything with your hair, short or long.
For best results,
1st. Thin out your hair. You can use it with thick hair but it is much more effective with thin or thinned out hair.
2nd. Straight hair works the best. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, you can use a straightener. If you don’t have asian, hispanic, or just naturally straight hair, don’t even try this. If you have African/American hair, sorry this product won’t work for you.
3rd. If you want complete control as well as protection, use a heat protection spray(Tresemme) and hairspray after you wash your hair, then straighten it, then apply the Moving Rubber.
Which Gatsby to buy?
Anime / Spiky / Long Spiky – Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, Grunge Mat.
Calmer Asian Hairstyle short/long – Air Rise, Loose Shuffle.

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