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The toughest styling clay sculpts to separate and create a chunky, funky look with great texture.  Twists, stands out, and create spiky looks that last for a long time.  Simply rub in and twist to create sharp random movement to your hair.  Comes in the stylish metallic container.  Green apple scent.  Preservative free.


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  1. Wong, Sze Yin says:


    It works great! Great scent and it holds your hairstyle firmly for a long period of time. I love it!

  2. A. Nesbitt says:


    This product works well, and smells like sour apple Jolly Ranchers (whether that’s good or bad is up to you. I think it smells better than most hair products), but you barely get anything! It’s barely over one ounce of product. To put things in perspective, a normal size Fibre/Pomade/etc. by American Crew is typically 3 ounces. I’ll be lucky if this even lasts a month. Shipping’s also over […] bucks, so this was about $[…] for me all together–pretty big rip off for barely any product, imho!

  3. Ivan Medina says:


    well to first off, if your like me, and want and need the perfect hair, that spikey faux hawk or anime type of look this product WILL work, but, the price sucks, with shipping and handeling you pay 1 and a half times the price you see, and not only that, you get about an ounce of product, which really sux

    but it gives you the perfect look

    i have kinda curly almost frizzy hair, so i straighten it then i add the gatsby clay, and my hair sticks up pretty good, it doesnt look hard, super shiny or flakey, it looks natural.

    Works like magic

    but it the price and quantity suck!

  4. Bobbi Ahu says:


    This product works really well. you get a very little container but it has a lot in there though. Holds hair very well but its hard to get out. over all great

  5. Lamont L. Tran says:


    This is by far the strongest hair wax product I ever used; and at the same time it doesn’t ever harden up or shine. It makes your hair look really natural.

    To use it correctly, you have to have another Gatsby hair wax of another color; EX. I use this in addition to the green Gatsby hair wax. The point of this hair wax is to only apply it to the tips and critical parts of your hair AFTER you already applied another Gatsby hair wax. To apply this hair wax well, rub it on the tips of your finger and then mold your hair.

  6. Michael Yoon says:


    The product is great – holds hair wonderfully without shine or that greasy feeling. Just beware of who you buy it from you may be waiting like I did for longer than advertised (They say they send it out within 24 hours but read the negative comments… No Seller should be under 97% Positive Feedback Rating. JVS and Bling Bling are the same company – JVS is HORRIBLE – missing products, broken products, late shipping, wrong sent items. If you’re one of the unfortunate customers to have this bad experience like me, you’ll find that it’s damn near impossible to get a response from their customer service department if you want to call it that. I’ve taken 5 minutes out of my life just to warn you – no paying customer should have to deal with this bs.

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